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Poland Vacation

Considering Your free time Poland vacation is great option. It’s a perfect country to visit whole year. One can always do something depending on the season - in summer and autumn you can visit polish sea or lowlands e.g Gdańsk, Sopot, Szczecin, Białystok or Warsaw and Cracow. In spring and winter you can visit polish mountains resorts in Zakopane or Ustroń. Vacations in Poland is a great journey during where everyone will find something for themselves.
During Your’s Poland vacation, you will taste the famous and one only local cuisine and the original flavors of our region. The restaurants will include items of our delicacies as: dumplings, dill, roulade, borscht, bigos, pork knuckle and much more! Poland also offers many breathtaking landscapes like:
  • Mountains - the highest mountains between the Alps and Caucasus - Poland has it all.
  • Rivers and lakes - the most famous this kind of places in Poland is Masurian Lake District and many more fascinating looking like from a postcard.
  • Polish Deserts - our wonderful country can boast the largest this kind of place in all Europe. Beautiful coast, dunes and desert areas create unique landscapes.
  • National Parks - in Poland they are 23 National Parks where each of them has to offer unique flora and fauna.
  • Historic spots like: Kings castle in Krakow, medival cities like Wroclaw, Gdansk, Malbork-, Krakow and many more


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